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The smooth running of your automatic engine depends on having the right amount of transmission fluid. Your transmission is made up of a lot of metal parts which can overheat from friction very easily. If the parts overheat, then your transmission could be damaged very easily, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs. It's usually not necessary to change your transmission fluid very frequently because unlike your engine oil, the transmission fluid shouldn't get dirty because it is a closed system, but it can wear out from heat if you're not careful. If your transmission fluid is for a manual transmission, grinding gears can cause small particles of metal from the gears to get into your transmission fluid which can seriously damage your transmission. If you begin to have transmission problems, your mechanic will check your transmission fluid to make sure there aren't particles in it and if there are, it is a sign of a bigger problem that your mechanic will have to solve. Also, don't forget that if the transmission fluid looks brown, then you should take your car to a professional mechanic for inspection.

Putting in Transmission Fluid

If your transmission fluid is leaking, you'll notice a puddle of red colored liquid under your car. If your transmission isn't leaking, then you shouldn't ever need to add transmission fluid because it's not going anywhere, since unlike engine oil, it doesn't burn off. You can check your transmission fluid by pulling out the dipstick while the engine is running. If your transmission fluid is lower, you obviously need to add a little bit but be careful not to overfill your transmission fluid. If your transmission fluid is too high, you better go to your mechanic to have some drained out.

What Does Overfilling Do to the Transmission?

If your transmission is too full, the fluid may foam which can lead to erratic shifting of gears. Other problems may include transmission damage and oil starvation. Also, overfilling the transmission by using an excessive amount of transmission fluid may void any warranty that you may have with your vehicle company. Make sure you don't overfill your transmission fluid. Some transmissions are designed so that they cannot be overfilled. They simply have a hole at the side and any excess oil will drain out. For more great content, check out this post on the 20 best cars that still have a manual transmission.

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