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Are you interested to know how a dirt bike's engine works and how you can make sure it stays working for longer? This article has some great basic information to get you started.

When you first got your license or even bought your first car it is likely that everybody you knew tried to tell you everything they know about their own car and vehicle maintenance. The majority of these lessons went in one ear and then out the other, but a few of them stuck around. And as great as the tips which stuck are, when it comes to owning a dirt bike, maintenance is a little different and the importance of basic items such as keeping your engine oil topped up to become even more important.

What It Takes to Keep a Dirt Bike out of the Mud

To give you some background information on how a dirt bike engine works and just how important it is to keep it in good shape with maintenance tasks like a synthetic oil change in Lynnwood, WA, Progressive Products has the following post to offer.

How Does a Dirt Bike Engine Work

When it comes to driving a car, there are many gears to choose from and you don’t generally plant your foot on the gas each time that you want to start moving, nor do you bring your car to a stop each time that you want to navigate a tricky corner. However, when it comes to riding a dirt bike, this is exactly the kind of riding behavior that you will exhibit. Why? Because that’s how riding a dirt bike is! Making your way around a tough dirt or muddy track or even through a forest or park area means lots of sharp turns and torque needed to make sure you don’t get stuck. To give you the power and torque that you need for an enjoyable ride out, your engine utilizes a number of small metal parts which all fit inside the small space you can see and space which you sit on. As soon as you start your bike, and then continuing as you ride, the each of these parts leaps into action and fulfills its repetitive task for the one purpose - keeping your bike moving. Click here to buy AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil and keep your dirt bike's engine running smoother, for longer. If you aren't sure if this is suited to your engine needs, pick up the phone and speak with an expert at Progressive Products by calling (425) 483-2582. Alternatively, feel free to check out the online store for more information about the range of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants available for your next synthetic oil change. As each of these parts is metal, you can imagine how they interact when sliding and scraping against each other at high speed and under high pressure. After a short while, the parts begin to eat away at each other, leading to a reduction in your engine performance and lifespan. To combat this damage, riders use an engine lubricant for engine oil. This fluid flows through the engine where it only promotes smooth interaction but also coats each of the parts with a protective barrier. Once in place, this barrier allows for frictionless motion between engine parts, leading to an engine which can not only perform at its best but perform at all!

What Are the Options?

There are two options a rider has to choose from. The first is a traditional oil, and the second is a synthetic oil.
  • A traditional oil is a fine product which can work well for older engines which don't output a lot of power. These are generally engines which don't see a lot of work or their performance or lifespan isn't important.
  • Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is designed to help engine perform at their best, along with working to extend their lifespan through cleaner oil and purpose designed additives.

Don't Get Stuck in a Pool of Mud; Give Your Bike a Synthetic Oil Change in Lynnwood, WA

There is no getting around the fact that owning and riding a dirt bike means a lot more hands-on maintenance than that which comes with owning and driving a regular car. However, as any rider will tell you, the effort is well worth the excitement and adventure which you can get from riding a dirt bike. When the time comes to perform maintenance of your bike's engine or any engine in your garage for that matter, the performance you get out of it will depend on the products you use. For your next synthetic oil change, stick with high-quality products like those from AMSOIL and trust that your engine is being taken care of. Speak with Progressive Products today at (425) 483-2582 to find out more.  

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