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Find out what to check when buying a used motorcycle and how the right synthetic motorcycle engine grease can help keep it in good working condition.

What to Check and Ask When Buying a Used Motorcycle

Just like with choosing a used car, unless you're a mechanic or have a good working knowledge of vehicle mechanics, the chances of you finding out any problems during your inspection aren't high. If you are facing this dilemma, however in the form on a used motorcycle, Progressive Products is here to help the following post which includes information on buying a used motorcycle.

Visual Inspection

When buying a bike, a simple visual inspection can tell you a lot about how the bike has been treated and even give you an indication as to the level of maintenance it has received. Make sure the bike is in good light, take your time, and give it a thorough inspection. If you see anything that concerns you - raise it. Never inspect a bike at night. If possible, even take the bike out of the garage and into the sunlight.

Bells and Whistles

Well, maybe levers and handles. If you can see a handle, cable, level, or peg, then turn it, switch it, or flip it. Be sure to check any moving parts which you can see on the bike. Again, this will give you a good idea as to how well the bike has been maintained and any potential repairs you might need to make down the road. If you can, see how well greased any visible bearings are to determine how much the previous owner paid attention to detail when performing regular maintenance. This is another good indication of how well the bike was cared for.

Check the Service History

If the bike is coming from a good owner, then it will come with a maintenance book.  Always ask for it, and if it can't be supplied, consider it a slight concern. A well-maintained bike will see regular trips to the mechanic. If the owner can't provide any substantiation of maintenance, be wary. When looking through the history of the bike, take note of what products have been used in it. Click here to buy AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil and other high-quality AMSOIL motorcycle lubricants from Progressive Products' online store. If you prefer, you can speak with an expert by calling (425) 483-2582.

Check the Locks

Take a look at the ignition locks and fork locks. If either show signs of damage then there's a good chance that the bike has been previously stolen and potentially taken for a joy ride. While you shouldn't discount these bikes immediately, you should be aware of any resale value implications along with insurance concerns.

Check the Electrics

The newer the bike, the more likely that it includes a number of electronic sensors and indicators. Of course, at the base of it, this is all just wires. And just like any part on the bike, wires need maintenance and can be damaged. Take a look at the wiring of any bike you're considering purchasing and check for corrosion or general bad wiring. Loose or missing wires can be dangerous when riding and generally isn't a good sign of a quality buy.

Get On!

Once you're sure the bike is safe, get on it and take it for a ride. How responsive the engine is and how well the bike handles are excellent indicators of how well the bike has been treated and how likely a potential repair will be needed soon after your purchase. When riding the bike, don't be afraid to give it a test. However, always ride safely and respect the bike and the current owner. This is also the best time for you to get an idea if the bike is a good fit for. Just because it checks out OK and handles well doesn't mean that you are well suited to it. When checking out bikes, always make sure you love it. Riders need a strong connection to their bike to help them stay safe on the road.

Get the Best Products for Your Bike's Synthetic Oil Change in Edmonds

Whether the bike you are buying is brand new or used, it is going to need maintenance. Call Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 to find out which is the right engine oil for your next synthetic oil change. If you know the products you need, click here to buy high-quality AMSOIL synthetic engine oil from Progressive Products' online store.

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