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Common Car Breakdown Causes

Forgetting to perform basic car maintenance is a mistake that can lead to costly repairs and breakdowns. Needless to say these problems can also lead to accidents. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your vehicle in perfect condition. That's why at Progressive Products in Lynnwood we prepared the following post containing some of the most common causes for car breakdowns.


Faulty cooling system is one of the leading causes of overheating, especially during the summer, as the the high temperatures put extra pressure on your vehicle. Make sure to check the condition of your radiator and fluid levels. In case your temperature gauge starts to increase, turn off the air conditioning and use your heater.


It's relatively difficult to assess the condition of your battery, however there are a few simple tricks to keep it in good working condition. Make sure the terminals are clear and also check the clamps. Keep in mind that you should monitor your battery, as its average lifespan is about 3 years.


Inflating your tires properly and inspecting them for any unusual wear is a huge step towards maintaining them. Just remember that debris and other objects on the road can damage your tires, so make sure to have your spare and tools ready It's important that you inspect these areas on a regular basis, this way you will be able to avoid any malfunctions and have a great trip. Also, we still have some sunny days ahead and you have to care for your garden and prepare it for spring, so be sure to read our guide to keep your lawn mower ready for use.

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