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When the sun is shining and the roads are dry, driving is pretty easy. However, as soon as even the smallest amount of rain starts to fall, there are some tips worth following to be a safer driver.

If you aren’t used to driving during bad weather, such as when it’s raining or it is icy, then it can be easy to forget that small changes need to be made to your driving style to improve the safety of you and your passengers while on the road.

How You Be a Safer Driver During Bad Weather

Progressive Products knows just how important it is for all drivers to be aware of the road conditions and stay safe while driving, and has prepared a few easy-to-follow tips which can help.

Brake It Easy!

Every time that you put pressure on the brake pedal, a range of factors come into play which all determine just how controlled and how quick your stop will be. Even if you have an anti-lock braking system (ABS). One of the primary factors in this equation is the condition of the road. When the road is dry then stopping safely can occur quite quickly. However, if there is ice, water, or even oil on the road then your ability to stop is hindered.
  1. If you can see a red light ahead or cars which are stopped, start applying your brakes a couple of seconds earlier than you usually would. This will give your tires a better chance of gripping the road and bring your vehicle to a stop.
  2. Be aware of the vehicles around you. As an example, while you may usually use the car in front of you as a gauge when it’s wet out, also look at the cars around you and even the car in front of the one you are trailing. If you can see these cars starting to slow down, take their lead. This can help you to avoid a rear-end collision.

Share Your Intentions

Speaking of watching for others cars, remember that these cars will also be using your driving style as a guide. For this reason, when the weather is bad, start indicating earlier than you usually would. As an example, if you want to change lanes, wait a couple of extra seconds after switching on your indicator before moving over. This will allow other vehicles more time to accommodate your maneuver. The same tip applies to turning, whereas your indicators flashing are a good precursor for other drivers to know that you will soon be applying your brakes. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and get the most out of your engine. In addition to improved performance, giving your vehicle a quick synthetic oil change can also reduce engine wear and help with cold morning starts. To learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Shoreline, WA, speak with an expert who knows about the subject. Call Progressive Products today at (425) 483-2582 or check out the online store for more information about the range of high-quality AMSOIL products.

Slow Down

One of the primary causes of accidents on the road during bad weather is speed. Not motorists who are driving above the posted limit, but drivers who don’t adjust their speed to accommodate for the road conditions. In other words, drivers who don’t slow when the road are slippery. You can easily prevent speed-related problems from happening to you by simply slowing down. Whether you plan to leave a few minutes earlier or you adjust the time of arrival you tell your friends and family when you’re traveling, do what needs to be done to ensure that you aren’t rushed while driving and can feel comfortable driving at a safe speed.

Who Is Driving Your Car?

Cruise control is one of the most popular and, dare we say it, the most convenient features of modern cars. However, the majority of motorists, when using cruise control, take their feet off the pedals entirely, often resting them beside the pedals. This can cause serious problems in wet weather when it’s time to quickly apply the brakes or gas, as drivers need an extra second to move their feet into position, often getting caught on the pedals in the process. During wet or icy conditions, this second can be the difference between a collision and a near-miss.

Prepare Your Engine for Cold Weather with a Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline, WA

If you have noticed that your vehicle is struggling with cold morning starts, a quick and easy synthetic oil change can help. By coating your engine parts with a high-quality protective film, a synthetic oil change puts your engine in the position to perform from the moment you switch it on. To find out more about how a synthetic oil change in Shoreline, WA can benefit you, speak with a friendly professional at Progressive Products by calling (425) 483-2582.

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