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Getting the most out of every tank of gas is important to all motorists, however, not many know how. This article aims to fix this with some easy to follow ideas. If you remember a time when you could visit your local gas tank, fill up your car, and then pay for it without having to empty your entire wallet or purse on to the cashier counter or hand over the title of your home? Okay, it may not be that drastic, but you get the idea! With gas prices seemingly never to return to the good old days, many motorists are looking for ways to reduce the amount of gas they use.

Easy Ideas to Help Reduce Your Gas Usage

However, with a limited understanding of how their car or engine work, many aren’t sure what else to do apart from leaving their car in the garage every day. With extensive experience helping motorists of all types of vehicles find the right synthetic oil product for their vehicle, Progressive Products knows how engines work. With this in mind, below are some easy to adopt ways that you can use to help improve your fuel economy.

Don't Rush to the Next Red!

There are some drivers who plant their foot on the gas pedal as hard as they can as soon as the traffic signal turns green. Then there are other drivers who simply take their time and take off from the green light slowly and calmly. Do you know what each of these drivers has in common? They both arrived to wait at the next red light together. The difference is that the slower driver saved a lot more gas in doing so. When you think about it, your engine needs to work hard to move such a heavy weight from a standing start. Now, imagine just how hard it needs to work when you put your foot as down as hard as you can. That extra work means extra energy, and that means more fuel usage.

How Are Your Fluid Levels?

If you don’t remember the last time that you checked your fluid levels then now is the best time! Your fluids are the lifeblood of your engine, so take some time to check each level. When you break down the logistics of an engine, there are a number of large and small metal parts which each interacts with other for the purpose of keeping your engine going. These interactions range from a bump to a slide, to a grind, and almost all of them occur under high pressure and under extreme heat temperatures. As you can likely guess, metal scraping against metal at high speed and temperatures isn’t a good thing. And you would be right. When this happens, friction builds up, making it harder and harder for your engine to work, requiring a lot more energy that it should. To prevent this friction build up and to prevent engine damage, your engine utilizes its supply of engine lubricant. You might also know it as engine oil or simply motor oil. This product makes its way through your engine and around your engine’s parts to coat each surface with a thin protective barrier. With this film in place, each of the parts glides against each other instead of a scrape, facilitating smoother engine part interaction. Click here to buy AMSOIL's  Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which has been designed to help lower gas consumption while working to keep engines clean and protected as they operate. To learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Mountlake Terrace can help you and your vehicle, speak with Progressive Products by calling (425) 483-2582.

Feel the Pressure!

Well, not you! But your tires! The simple act of increasing the pressure it flat tires can have a great impact on your fuel economy and also on the handling of your car. You see, as you travel, friction builds up between the surface of your tire and the road. The more surface that comes into contact with the road, the more friction that occurs. This friction works against your engine as you drive, requiring it to consume more energy to keep moving forward. By simply increasing the pressure to the level recommended in your owner’s manual or advised on the side of the tire, you can effectively reduce the level of friction that builds up by reducing the amount of tire surface which comes into contact with the road.

Change Your Driving Habits

If you somebody who plants their foot on the gas pedal as hard as possible when the light turns green just to race to the next red light then now is the time to consider adjusting this driving behavior. After all, you only end up at the next red light watching the other slower drivers coast up beside you. The difference being that they used less fuel. If you really think about it, your car is a heavy weight that is standing still. It would be difficult enough for you to push it from behind, so give some consideration to the amount of energy required by your engine to get it moving. With this in mind, now think of just how much harder it needs to work to get you moving from a standing start fast! The kind of fast that comes from a foot plant! As you know from the previous tips, the more energy that’s required, the more gas that’s used.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Mountlake Terrace Can Help

When it comes to basic engine maintenance that can improve your fuel economy, a synthetic oil change is right at the top. Speak with Progressive Products by calling (425) 483-2582 to learn more or browse the online store for the full range of AMSOIL products.

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