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It can be easy for a road bike rider to assume that, because they can ride a road bike, they can easily ride a dirt bike. While there are some similarities, there are some key differences worth knowing before making the switch - even just for weekend rides. You don’t need to know everything about motorbikes to know that dirt bikes offer more thrill and adventure than a road bike. And while the two are similar, safely enjoying a dirt bike needs a rider to be aware of some differences.

Thinking About Switching to a Dirt Bike?

If you are a road bike rider and want to enjoy a bit of adventure with a dirt bike, below is some basic advice and a few tips from Progressive Products to help you stay safe and aware while riding a dirt bike.

A Dirt Bike Isn’t a Cell Phone

Cell phones have become so easy to use that we have all begun to just throw away the user manual thinking that we can simply learn by ourselves. And while this is true for cell phones, it isn’t as easy as that when it comes to dirt bikes. Even if you have been riding a road bike for years, a dirt bike is going to perform differently and need different levels of maintenance for you to stay safe while enjoying your adventures. For this reason, set aside a bit of time, enjoy a coffee, and read the owner’s manual to learn a bit about the vehicle you’re about to get on and ride through the mud.

Speaking of Maintenance

Like it or not, a dirt bike needs much more maintenance than a regular road bike. And given the type of conditions you ride through and the manner you’re going to do it, are you surprised? For example: You can expect to clean or replace your air filter after every one or two rides. Because of the amount of dust, dirt, and mud you ride through, your air filter is going to get clogged with debris much quicker than your regular road bike, preventing your engine from getting the air it needs to perform. Click here to buy 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil and keep your dirt bike engine in good shape. If you aren’t sure this is the right product for your needs, check out the online store or speak with a friendly expert by calling Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582. A quick and easy synthetic oil change can be a great benefit to the performance of not only your dirt bike but also your road bike and even your truck, so be sure to pay attention to this basic piece of maintenance and get the most out of your vehicles.

The Right Gear

No, you don’t need to get a whole new set of protective gear, but you do need a few additions and to make sure that your current gear is up to the challenge.
  • Goggles
Goggles are something you may be unfamiliar riding with on the road, but they are essential when it comes to a dirt bike. Why? Because, on the road, there isn’t much to get thrown up into your face or your eyes, but when you are riding through dirt and mud you can bet that it's all going to splash up on your face, causing vision impairment and potential injury. When choosing goggles, be sure that they can reach over your helmet comfortably.
  • Gloves
If you can safely reach the controls and levers of a dirt bike wearing your road gloves, then stick with them. However, if you can’t then you’re going to need a set of dirt bike gloves.
  • Body Gear
Speaking of restriction, in case you haven’t noticed, a dirt bike rider spends much of their time standing up on the pegs. Be sure that your current protective gear allows for this level of maneuverability so that you can not only stay safe on the bike but also enjoy it to its fullest.

Watch Your Throttle

When you’re on the asphalt, it’s easy to adjust throttle up hard and away you go. However, a dirt bike doesn’t come with this luxury because the ground you start from is often loose. For this reason, before you take off, look down and consider the type of terrain you're starting from and throttle accordingly. You would be surprised at just how many riders come off their bike before they’ve even had a chance to move forward because they throttle too hard on dirt or rubble and end up spinning their wheel and falling over.

A Simple Synthetic Oil Change in Lynnwood, WA Can Improve Your Ride

Giving a dirt bike a synthetic oil change can not only help improve its performance but also minimize engine damage. To find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Lynnwood, WA, speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582. Trust in their expert advice to help you understand the benefits and find the best product for your bike.

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