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You’re sitting at the traffic lights waiting for it to go green. You’ve got the family in the back and you’re on your way to a family vacation, steady as she goes. Next to you in a sports car. Its driver is a little more excited to get where they’re going and your can hear their engine revving up as they get ready. On the other side there is a few friends in their 4WD packed with camping gear, on their way to a bit of offroading adventure. Three different vehicle types and likely to be three different between behind the wheel, but there’s one thing that each of these vehicles share - their susceptibility to engine wear through sludge deposits and buildup, resulting in an overall reduction in engine performance and a reduction in engine and vehicle lifespan.

Protect Your Against Against Sludge Deposits and Buildup With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Lynnwood

Whether you’re the one driving the family sedan, the sports car or the off-roader, sludge buildup can affect your engine. In this post, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products has a small piece for you to read and learn a bit more about how sludge buildups and deposits can occur throughout your engine, the toll they can take on its performance, and how you can easily protect it with a full synthetic oil change in Lynnwood.

What Causes Sludge Buildup?

Before you can learn about how to protect your engine against sludge build up, it’s best to first get a basic understanding of what causes it. If you break it down to a very basic level, the internals of your engine are nothing more than metal parts clashing and interacting with and against each other with one purpose - to keep you and your vehicle moving. As these interactions occur they create high levels of pressure and even higher levels of heat that travels throughout your engine. Keeping these internals protected as they operate is a product called engine lubricant. For engines operating with an older lubricant or one made from conventional oil, this pressure and high temperature can cause the lubricant to breakdown, with small deposits falling away from the oil and building up throughout your engine. This level of breakdown can be common in today's engines with the use of conventional oil, however isn’t damage that is seen with the use of a high quality synthetic oil. Getting your hands on this oil doesn’t mean a trip to the mechanic, just a phone call to somebody who knows what they’re talking about. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 about the type of engine you’re driving and how can you see performance improvements with a full synthetic oil change in Lynnwood.

What Toll Can Sludge Buildup Have on Your Engine?

When the above mentioned breakdown occurs, through either of the reasons we spoke about or just through the general low quality nature of conventional oil, small despotis separate from the oil and stick to the lining of your car's engine and its internals. Given that there isn’t a lot of free space in your engine these parts are sticking to vital points and pieces of your engine. For example, when this sludge sticks to the lining of a piston shaft it creates a space between the piston and its casing. When the piston moves for its cycle, it isn't able to fully reach where it needs to go. The results are an important internal of your engine that isn’t able to do its job. As this is incremental, drivers are likely to just keep pressing down harder and harder on the gas pedal, forcing your engine to attempt to provide the same performance you were expecting - however it can’t.

This Has to Main Effects on Your Engine and Your Driving

Reduced Performance

Given that your internals aren’t able to do their job properly, the result is a direct and often significant decrease in the performance of your engine. From taking off at the lights, to cruising along the highway, to getting you out of tricky spots during your adventure - your engine just isn’t up to the task it once was, and a task you’re expecting.

Reduced Fuel Economy

While your engine isn’t able to do its job as it was designed and provide the performance you want, it sure gives it a try as you keep your foot on the pedal. The result is an increase in the energy needed to keep itself going at that level - more energy required means more fuel. This can have an impact on how much you’re needing to spend at the gas station each visit.

Finding the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Lynnwood

If you’re like many motorists and you want to get the most out of your engine and keep your ongoing fuel costs down, finding the product you need isn’t a hard task. Just speak with an expert at Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products and let us know the make and model of your engine. Available at (425) 483-2582, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products can make sure you get the right high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil to get the best benefits from a full synthetic oil change in Lynnwood.

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