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Before beginning to mow your lawn each year, you should make sure your blades are in good shape. Dull blades tear the grass instead of cutting it, which will leave you with a diseased lawn. Follow these steps carefully to avoid injury and keep your blades nice and sharp.

Detach Spark Plug Wire

Be sure to disconnect the spark plug wire before attempting to remove the blade. If the piston is at the top of the compression stroke, a simple bump of the blade could kick the piston over the hump and into the downward cycle. That would spin the blade around and you don’t want to be anywhere near there.

Remove Blades

Your lawnmower blades can be removed with a wrench. Simply lift the mower up and loosen the bolts holding the blade. Mark your blade with spray paint before removing so you know which way to reinstall it. If you put it in upside down, it won’t cut the grass and you will have no idea why.  

Sharpening Tools

You can use any number of implements to sharpen your blades. A motorized grinder, sharpening blade, or a metal file will all work fine. A really easy way is to place the blade in a vice grip and sharpen using a grinding bit attached to your drill. To sharpen, make sure to follow the angled edge of the blade, and in the same direction every time. Some mulching blades may be too hard to sharpen yourself. Just take it down to your local hardware store and let them handle it for you. Watch this video on how to sharpen your lawnmower blades for more information. 

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