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When it comes to buying a new car, the process is relatively seamless. You can trust the mechanics of the car and will receive an extensive warranty and a point of contact in the event that something goes wrong. For used cars, however, it isn't always that simple.

If you're about to start looking for a used car or are in the middle of the process and could do with some tips, Progressive Products has a post with some questions to ask along the way.

Why Are You Selling the Car?

The first thing that you are going to want to know is why the car is for sale. If the answer has anything to do with mechanic concerns or ongoing costs then it's not the car for you. Look for a car which is being sold because it is being replaced or an instance where a new family needs a bigger car.

Has the Car Ever Been in an Accident?

A previous accident could affect the integrity of the vehicle's frame, meaning it may protect you less in a future accident. It could also affect the resale of the vehicle should you decide to move on. Along with asking the question, look for the obvious signs such as a noticeable change of color on body parts or obviously new replacements.

Who Owned the Car Previously?

While the number one response will involve an elderly person who only drove the car to and from the local store, this question can help you gauge both the previous usage of the car and the honesty of the dealer or seller. What you are looking for is a previous owner who would have treated the car well and kept up to date with fluids, oil changes, air filter changes, and general maintenance. Once the car is yours, get the best performance out of it and extend its lifespan with high-quality engine lubricants. Speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 and ask about the range of AMSOIL motor oils.

Can I Have My Mechanic Look at It?

If the answer to this question is any variation of 'No', then the car isn't for you. If the seller isn't prepared for a third party inspection and opinion then it's likely they are hiding something. When you do take a vehicle to your mechanic, be sure they are aware of why they are inspecting it. If they find something, remember that it isn't the end of the world. Notify the owner and discuss your options.

Can I Take It for a Test Drive?

While it may seem like an obvious question, there are some dealerships which won't allow you to test drive the car. Instead, they will insist that they drive the car while you observe as a passenger. This question is similar to the one mentioned directly above - if you can't try out the car yourself, then the car isn't for you. When test driving the car, it's important to respect the current owner, but also test the car for any issues. While this isn't to suggest you should slide around corners, don't be afraid to drive it how you would expect to during its everyday usage.

Are There Any Liens on the Vehicle?

A lien is a claim made on the title of a car when the car is used as security for a loan or a line of credit. Even if the title transfers to you, should the previous owner stop making their payments, the car can be repossessed. If the seller isn't able to produce a clean title, a quick search with your local department can tell you the information you need.

What Type of Warranty Is Available?

Warranties aren't reserved solely for new cars. If you are buying from a licensed dealer or a large chain then you a limited warranty may be available. If it is, be sure to read the fine print clearly and understand what is and is not being covered.  If in doubt - ask the dealer.

Keep It Running With a Synthetic Oil Change in Lynnwood

Once the car is yours it is important to keep it in good working order to not only see maximum performance, but also maximum lifespan. Despite what any log books may say, once you get it home, give the fluids a flush and change. When changing your engine fluids, be sure to replace them with high-quality fluids. Speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 and ask about the range of AMSOIL products available to help you get the most out of your new ride.

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