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There are few things more exhilarating in a car enthusiast's life than the moment you decide that you’re going to take the plunge and invest in a classic car. Whether it’s for a pure investment, you’re looking to show it off, or perhaps you’re even wanting to take it out for a spin and have it admired. Whatever the reason for your your purchase there’s sure to be one thing that you want to do - take care of it property and ensures it lasts as long as possible. If this sounds like and you’re ready to start looking, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products has some information to share with you about what a classic car was designed for, what it needs to operate and how you can take easy steps to ensure its lifespan.

Extend Engine Lifespan With Synthetic Oil for Your Classic Car in Shoreline.

While it depends on the age and era of the classic car that takes your interest, there’s one thing that you will find common place between them all - they likely weren’t designed to run in today’s conditions. While the heat certainly plays a large part in the performance of your classic car, the cold weather can also take effect, resulting in engine damage to your precious new investment.

What Was Your Classic Car Built For?

When thinking about the type of maintenance that a your potential new classic car will require can depend on the condition of which the car was originally designed for. While it can be easy to think that cars were just designed to drive forward, we’re referring more to conditions, such as the length of drive, the temperatures in which the drive occurred, and the products that were available at the time it was built.

Drive Time.

While it can be hard to imagine, it’s likely that when your car was built, extended drives weren’t as common as they are now. However, just because the roads are there now, doesn’t mean that your chosen classic car was designed for long-haul travel, or even driving hours on end. While this doesn’t mean that you can’t take your car for a nice long road trip, it does mean that the conventional oil that is likely inside it isn’t going to cut it anymore, and won’t be in a position to provide the level of protection that its engine requires to handle longer than designed for drives. For motorists and enthusiasts alike looking to take care of their classic cars as they drive, a full synthetic oil change in Shoreline provides exceptional lubrication and protection against engine wear and damage. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products on (425) 483-2582 and let us know the make and model of your classic car so that we can make sure you get the right product that can give you the best synthetic oil change in Shoreline.

Taking Your Classic Car out in the Heat.

A nice hot day where the sun is shining can be the best time for you to take out your classic car for it to be enjoyed and admired by everybody around, however can also be the worst time for its engine to be operating. With the change in weather conditions, it’s very likely that your classic car wasn’t designed to run during the heat and conditions we are now seeing. However, just because it may not have been designed for it, doesn’t equal you not being able to drive it when the sun is out. To combat the heat, AMSOIL developed a range of high quality synthetic oil products that are designed with today’s temperatures in mind. The molecular structure of AMSOIL’s synthetic oil and its included additives ensure your oil doesn’t break down in the way a conventional oil would, resulting in it maintaining the barrier of protection throughout your engine even during the hottest of days. What does this mean for your classic car? It means that as you drive it around during the sun, your AMSOIL synthetic oil is working to not only keep heat transferring equally throughout, it’s ensuring your classic engine receives constant and superior lubrication.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline for Your Classic Car.

When it comes to protecting your classic investment, don’t take any chances and speak with the experts at Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products. Available on (425) 483-2582, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products can recommend the perfect product to give you the best synthetic oil change in Shoreline.

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