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Like all good adventures on the road, planning is the best way to ensure an enjoyable long haul ride. However, it’s important to remember that the experience is very different from one in a car.

There isn’t a rider in the world who wants to think that their bike has limitations compared to a car. However, when it comes to long-haul drives, the reality is that the differences are big and can not only affect the enjoyment of the trip, but also the safety.

Tips to help you plan a safe and sane long haul motorcycle ride

To help get you started on the way to planning a great long haul ride, Progressive Products has prepared the following tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Make It a Solo Affair

A road trip just isn’t as fun by yourself as it is with friends. After all, you will likely see sights along the way that you want to share with somebody else and talk about. Just because your bike only fits one person doesn’t mean that a long-haul ride can’t be a social event. Get some friends together and make it a group ride. Not only is it a great safety idea to have other rider with you to watch your back and help out if things go wrong with your bike, but there will also be plenty of opportunities along the way to stop and talk about the sights you’ve seen and the roads you’re going to ride on.

Remember to Plan for Breaks

When you’re in a car and need to take a break to enjoy a soda or eat a sandwich, all you need to do is lean over, open the can or wrapper, and you’re set. On a bike, however, enjoying a drink requires you to pull over, take off some gear, switch off your bike, and then you can get to the soda. For this reason, when you are planning your destination and your route, keep in mind that you’ll need to take more breaks and often longer ones, where you can stretch your legs and refresh. When you are all planning these stops, don’t just look for safe places to pull over, look for safe and interesting places where you can take a short walk to explore a new town or even a tourist walk to a photo opportunity. Click here to buy 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil and keep your engine running at peak performance during a long haul ride. Products like these combined with a quick and easy synthetic oil change can not only help improve your bike’s performance but extend its lifespan and minimize engine damage. Check out the online store to learn more or speak with a friendly expert at Progressive Products by calling (425) 483-2582 who can give you the right advice and find you the best products for your needs.

Boredom Isn’t Just Boring

Sure, being bored is, well, boring. But more than this, getting bored on your bike can be a serious safety hazard, causing you to doze off or daydream and become distracted. When you’re driving, the radio provides a good opportunity to help keep you alert, but you don’t have a radio on your bike and it isn’t as easy to simply change the station when there is too much talking or you don’t like the music they are playing. To combat this, use your favorite music streaming app to create a few playlists with a range of music, such as a playlist with your favorite tracks, a playlist with loud and fast music when you think you may need a bit of a pick-me-up, and one with some cruisy music for when you are riding through serene roads. If you match this with a high-quality Bluetooth headset which connects to your phone's assistant, you will also have the option to control these playlists via your voice, along with making and receiving calls, and sending and receiving texts All without having to use your hands or pulling over to take your phone out of your pocket.

The Weather Has the Final Say

If, a few days leading up to your trip, you find that the weather forecast for your journey isn’t favorable, don’t cancel! Instead, look for alternate routes you can take to avoid the bad weather Alternatively if you have a good idea where and when bad weather may be occurring on your journey, plan for it. As an example, plan to arrive at a small town just before a storm hits so that you and your friends can enjoy some lunch in the comfort of a local cafe while you all wait out the bad weather.

Give Your Bike’s Performance a Boost with a Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline, WA

How well your bike performs depends on how often you maintain it and the quality of the product you put into it. To find out how a synthetic oil change with a high-quality AMSOIL product can improve the performance of your ride and also help minimize engine damage, speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582.

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