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Enjoying an off-road adventure can seem as easy as loading your off-roader or truck with everything you’ll need and away you go! However, in reality, if you want to make sure that you actually make it to your adventure-filled destination, there are a few packing and driving tips to keep in mind.

Tips to Help Keep Your Off-Roader, off the Road!

Below are some of these very tips from Progressive Products which can help you enjoy the adventure without the stress of getting stuck before you’ve had a chance to break city limits!

Center of Gravity

The first tip on the list is to help you keep your center of gravity as low as possible so that you don’t tip over when trying to maneuver your vehicle into seemingly impossible angles and positions. Start by deciding on all of the gear and equipment that you will be taking with you, and single out your heaviest items. Once you have these, you know what you need to pack first - even if it means that you won’t have immediate access to the items as soon as you arrive. The purpose of this task is simple - to keep your center of gravity as low to the ground as possible. As you can imagine (or have experienced), there are going to be times when your vehicle needs to get on an angle, and the last thing that you want to happen is your vehicle tipping over. Of course, this packing method also comes with the bonus on helping even out your suspension and making the ride a little smoother. Well, as smooth as it can be bouncing over rocks and sliding down embankments.

Cargo Rack

Your roof is an appealing option to store your gear, however, simply packing it all on top and then using a few straps to hold it all down isn’t enough. Instead, invest in a solid cargo rack and strong netting which you can use to keep everything in place. Once you have this setup, be sure to pack your roof low. If you pack any tall items or anything which is stacked, it can lean over to one side as your vehicle moves, not only working against you when trying to drive forward,  but as soon as you hit any type of low angle, you can bet that the items are going to flex over the side and take your vehicle with them! Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your vehicle’s engine in the best shape possible. If you are new to your vehicle or you just aren’t sure this is the product for your needs, don’t hesitate to speak with an expert at Progressive Products by calling (425) 483-2582. Alternatively, check out the online store for more information about the range of high-quality engine oils and lubricants available.

Share Your Adventures

Finding an isolated secluded camping spot is one of the benefits of off-roading with your vehicle. However, if you get stuck along the way, be it a flat tire or even a busted gearbox, being by yourself is going to mean a long wait for help to arrive, and will often be the reason you have to come home before you have even had a decent chance to find such an isolated spot. For this reason, it’s recommended that you either travel in a group with another vehicle or alternatively, look for a local off-roading group you can join to both make new friends and have somebody there to get you out of a tricky spot.

If You Must Do It Alone

If you can’t find anybody accompanies you or you have your mind and your heart set on going it alone, then it’s important that you prepare yourself as best as possible:
  • If will be visiting a place with cell signal from a different carrier to your own, consider getting a starter sim card just for the trip
  • If there isn’t any cell coverage, consider renting a phone which can access satellites which can allow you to call for help.
  • Consider using the tried-and-true method of UHF radio
While the above tip may mean that you aren’t able to find the most isolated places, they will help to ensure that, once you do find a great place, you aren’t without help if you get stuck!

A Synthetic Oil Change in Lynnwood, WA Can Keep Your Off-Roader off the Road for Longer!

Of course, there aren’t any tips in the world which can help if your engine maintenance isn’t on schedule or your vehicle just isn’t up to the challenge. To help you in that department, speak with Progressive Products about the benefits of giving your vehicle a synthetic oil change in Lynnwood, WA before you go. If you are towing any additional vehicles, such as a boat or an ATV, be sure to ask about what products are available to also help keep this vehicle in the best shape possible.

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