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 If you are serious about lawn maintenance, or are looking to take up the hobby of home landscaping, AMSOIL has some tips for how to ensure your lawn mower, like all of your tools, remains well kept and in full working order when the times comes for you to use them. Don’t let your hobbies or home maintenance be limited by equipment that isn’t ready or is underperforming. 

Nuts and Bolts

When servicing your lawn mower, spend time inspecting any bolts, fasteners or connections that could be collecting debris or rust and causing underperformance. There are numerous bolts and ball bearings in the wheels of your lawn mower, and over time, the constant vibration from the motor can cause them to loosen or dislodge. Not only can this lead to underperformance, but can pose a safety issue.

Lawnmower Blades

We all know that the quality of your lawn mower blades will dictate the cleanliness and accuracy of your cuts, but often their maintenance goes neglected. The next time you’re planning a cut, plan some extra time beforehand to give your blades a clean, sharpen, or even a replacement. 

Lawnmower Oil

Just like cars and dirt bikes, lawn mower motors need not only specific types of oil, however oil changes and drainage. If your lawn mower has seen more than 50 hours of usage since its last oil change, it’s time to drain and change its oil.

Need more information about motor oil?

Choosing the right oil for your motor powered tools can be confusing, especially if you haven’t completed motor maintenance before. Speak with one of our AMSOIL oil specialists at Progressive Products by calling (425) 483-2582 and ask us about the right oil for you, or information about keeping your motor running smoothly.

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