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Summer Driving Tips for Teens and Parents

If your teen is a new driver, chances are they are very excited to go driving this summer. While it is very exciting to head out on the road for a trip for the first time, make sure your teen stays safe. Progressive Products in Lynwood has some safety tips to help keep your teen safe and give you some peace of mind.

Take Care of Your Car

Teach your teen the importance of taking care of their car. Make sure they know how to change a tire and check the tire pressure. Teach them to locate different fluids and how to top them off when necessary. It is also important to always keep gas in the gas tank and avoid driving on empty.

Follow the Rules

Make sure your teen is following all the rules of the road and the rules you have set. Make sure they always buckle up before driving away and that their passengers do the same. Stress the importance of driving at the correct speed not only because it's the law, but also because it keeps them safe. Make sure your teen doesn't drink when they will be driving. Set your own rules and make sure to enforce them consistently.

Set the Right Example

Teaching your teen about road safety requires that you also follow the rules. Follow the speed limit, buckle up and use your signals appropriately. Avoid distractions while you drive, such as checking your phone or eating while on the road. If you follow the rules, it is more probable your teen will do the same.

Synthetic Oil in Lynwood

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