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Easy to Follow Tips to Maintain Your Classic Car

Owning a classic car can be a great way to express your car loving side and doesn't have to involve as much maintenance as you may think.  Progressive Products has three easy ways to get you started on the path to great classic car maintenance.

Keep the Fluids Fresh

Notice the difference in advice when dealing with every day cars - keep your fluids fresh, not topped up. If you store your classic car for extended periods, then an oil change may be more appropriate than an oil top-up. In addition, consider utilizing fuel or fluid additives suited to your engine type to help preserve it between uses.

Start It up and Take It Out!

Classic doesn't always mean antique or precious - get in and take it out for a ride. Remember to choose days and times where the weather is appropriate if your engine is sensitive to extreme temperatures. Consider switching over to a Synthetic Oil in Lynnwood to help provide more thorough protection that a traditional conventional oil.

Keep It Stored Correctly

When you have finished showing your classic car off to the world, pay attention to how you store it. Choose an elevated and dry space that provides a good amount of fresh air flow without allowing the elements to take their toll on your paint job or interior.

Synthetic Oil in Lynnwood

While your classic car's engine may be a classic, synthetic oil and engine protection have come a long way. Speak with Progressive Products on (425) 483-2582 about how switching to Amsoil Oil in Lynnwood can help extend the life of your classic engine.

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