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It doesn't matter if you just picked up the keys to your brand new bike or you've been an everyday rider for a decent while, everybody who rides a motorbike can benefit from a refresher in the basic levels of maintenance that they can provide to their bike.

Keep up the Performance of Your Motorbike With an Easy Full Synthetic Oil Change Near Edmonds

Experts in providing riders at all levels with the high-quality products they need to keep their bike on the road for longer, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products has a few tips to share on easy bike maintenance that can not only save you money on regular mechanics visits, but help to keep your bike's engine in good condition and performing for longer.

The Importance of Tread

The level of tread on your bike tires is one of the most important aspects of basic bike maintenance as it can be the difference between you staying upright and on your way. If you've felt your takeoff to be slippery or you just aren't getting the level of handling you feel you should then give your tires a good check over. Any small cuts or tears in the tread, along with a general wear down of the tread itself can cause serious problems for you when you're on the road or on the track. Take the time and check them thoroughly - they could save your life and your ride.

Levels, Levels, Levels

Many riders forget about the different types of fluids that are running through their bikes to keep them going. Check your engine oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid, and coolant levels to make sure they're all sitting at the right level. Not too high and not too low. If any of these are looking like they need a top up, don't wait until they get too low and take the time to do it now. Many riders find that their bikes came with a conventional oil which often breaks down under the regular operating temperatures as they ride. This can cause your oil levels to be constantly low no matter how much you top them up. Consider switching to a full synthetic oil which can maintain its consistency for longer and defend against this level of oil breakdown. If you aren't aware of the difference or you just aren't sure which product can give you the best synthetic oil change near Edmonds, don't leave it to chance - speak with an expert. Call Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 and get the right product for your bike. Helping riders every day get the products they need to stay on the road, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products are the ones to turn to for expert level advice and extensive range of high-quality synthetic oils.


Apart from go, stopping is the other very important action that your bike performs, and one that you're definitely going to be required to do. Check your brake pads and make sure they're sitting at sufficient levels. Often times they can get a little dusty or covered in debris, so take the time to give them a good look over and ensure they're able to do their job.

Last but Certainly Not Least

The last tip may seem too basic to check but can matter the most with rider safety and driver awareness. Ensure all of your mirrors, levers, indicators and lights are fully functioning and bright. With many drivers not aware of the presence of rider as they drive, having bright lights to indicate your reading intentions is crucial. A good tip is to keep a spare of each of your lights in the garage. As soon as one goes, your bike should not be taken on the road, and you may not have another way to get to the garage or shop easily.

Finding the Best Synthetic Oil Change Products Near Edmonds

With these basic tips in your mind, you're off to a good start in keeping your bike in good shape and on the road for longer. Of course, if you notice any serious concerns with your bike's performance, speak to your local mechanic and take it in to get checked. When it come to riding, safety should always come first. If you're looking for the best synthetic oil to keep your bike's engine clean and running smoothly, a visit to the mechanic isn't required, you just need to speak with a synthetic oil expert. Give Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products a call at (425) 483-2582 and have a chat about the make and model of your ride. Able to provide expert advice and the right product for your needs, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products can ensure your bike is on the road for longer and performs at its best.

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