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Depending on the area you live and your boating preferences, this time of the year isn’t always considered to be the most boating friendly. With the past experiences spending the day on the water while the sun shone down now firmly emblazoned in our memories, heading out in any other less-than-ideal conditions can seem unappealing. But what about boat lovers who still want to spend time with their pride and joy?

Keeping Your Boat in Good Shape While It's out of the Water

If you find yourself looking for reasons to go into the garage and spend time with your boat, Progressive Products has a list of reasons which can help, with top maintenance tips to keeping your boat water ready, even when it’s out of the water.

Start With a Clean

This doesn’t mean simply turning on the hose and giving your boat a rinse. To keep your boat in good working order, you really need to give it a thorough clean. If you leave any small amount of debris in hard to reach places and it accumulates, it can cause corrosion and affect the performance and lifespan of your vessel. Instead, get yourself a bucket with some warm water, a strong but gentle sponge, and some purpose designed boat cleaner. Set aside a good chunk of your day and give your boat a thorough clean. When cleaning, pay particularly close attention to any intricate places which might otherwise go uncleaned, such as behind exposed cables or around holding rails fasteners. These are top spots for debris and salt to build up and cause problems. Once you have washed your boat, take a clean and gentle cloth and give it a thorough wipe down. Make sure that the entire boat is dry before finishing up, as any leftover moisture can also cause you trouble.

Replace Your Fluids

Keeping your eye on your fluid levels and topping them up when they run low is the best place to start with engine fluid maintenance. However, just like all engine lubricants, the one running through your boat’s engine isn’t going to last forever. Take advantage of your time out of the water to give your engine fluids a change, including a full synthetic oil change. Modern boats (and even four-stroke engines) have accessible drainage ports which make it relatively easy for an everyday owner to replace their oils at home. The first place to start when planning for a synthetic oil change is to ensure you have the right replacement. Don’t take a guess on which motor oil is right for your boat, and definitely never use an engine lubricant in your boat which has been designed for your car. Instead, speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 and ask about the range of marine focused motor oils which have been designed specifically for the use in marine crafts.

Check for Dents and Scratches

Once your boat is clean and dry, it is in the best position for you to give it a good inspection. Either take it out on your drive into the sun or turn on bright garage lights which allow you to see small details around your boat. When checking your boat, run your hands over the body to identify any small cracks or dents which may have been caused by driving over debris. If you notice any, have them fixed before you take your boat out next. It only takes a small crack to cause serious problems when you’re out on the water and far away from assistance.


Just because the electronic devices on your boat are high-tech doesn’t mean that they still don’t reply on a series of cables and wires to keep them powered and connected. And, just like all items on a boat, these wires and electronics are susceptible to the salt air and debris which comes with it. Unscrew any removable panels and check the condition of your boat’s wiring. If you notice that there is any build up occurring or that any of the wires have become frayed, refrain from using your boat’s electronics until you have it repaired. It only takes the smallest amount of corrosion to break a connection in your circuits which could mean the loss of power or the ability to contact emergency services.

Keep Your Boat in the Water for Longer With a Synthetic Oil Change in Mountlake Terrace

Just like all engines, the performance that you get out of your boat will depend on the quality of products you use inside it. To get the best product for your boat’s needs, speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 to learn about the range of high-quality AMSOIL products available for your boat.

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