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In a previous post we mentioned that overheating is one of the most common causes for car breakdowns. To further discuss this issue, we want to take the time to explain a little more about your car's cooling system.

Cooling System Parts

The cooling system of your car is made up of several parts. The thermostat, the water pump and the coolant, are the most important parts of your vehicle's cooling system. An easy way to avoid the engine from heating up is by making sure your vehicle has the right amount of radiator fluid in it's system.

How Coolant Travels Through Your Engine

Radiator fluid, also known as coolant is used when the thermostat feels an increase in heat and determines the need for the temperature to lower. The water pump grabs the coolant fluid from the radiator and sends it to the engine section. It then has the coolant disperse throughout the engine and returned to the radiator where it can be refreshed again. When there is not enough coolant this process is not efficient or fails, and your engine begins to heat up.

Avoid Damage to Your Engine

An overheated engine can cause severe permanent damage to the condition of the vehicle and can be prevented. Constantly check your engine to make sure it has all the fluids it needs including coolant and the proper oil.

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