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When it comes to the lessons you learned about car maintenance, there’s a good chance that the oil filter was only mentioned in passing, with the general comment being that it needs to be replaced once it’s full.  If you were to ask motorists about the function of their oil filter, their answer would obviously be that it is there to filter their oil. However, if you ask them what oil it filters or how it manages to do its job, their answers become a little less certain and a little less...correct.

Learn About Your Oil Filter and Why It Needs to Be Replaced

If you would love to learn a bit more about how your engine works, in particular, the function of your oil filter and the need to replace it, Progressive Products has a post which can help.

The Best Place to Start Is to Explain Why Your Engine Needs Oil in the First Place

It’s okay, you won’t have to take notes during this explanation. It will be simple and basic. If you were to look at a cross-section of your engine then you would see nothing short of a number of engine parts all tightly packed into their designated space. Basic, but accurate. As your engine starts, each of these parts leaps into action, performing a range of tasks from sliding up and down, moving back and forward, or even opening and closing. During this operation, a number of these parts will be required to come into contact with other parts. When this happens without any type of protection, it causes such a high level of friction that your engine will end up seizing, leaving you with what mechanics often refer to as ‘the need to buy a new car’. Of course, however, your engine continues to run while you drive. That’s because it relies on a thin layer of protection afforded to each part by your car’s engine oil supply. Engine oil, motor oil, or engine lubricant, as you may know it, coats each part in a protective film whilst also traveling through your engine system to lubricate the interactions. Click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, designed to help keep your engine in good health and performing better, for longer. To find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Lynnwood, give Progressive Products a call at (425) 483-2582.

Got It! But Why Does It Need to Be Filtered? It's Clean From the Bottle, Right?

Very right! Oil comes out of the bottle as a clean product. However, as much as you clean your car, the inside of your engine is not a clean space. In addition to the debris which can make it way into your engine system, as your oil breaks down it can lose its ability to protect each engine part, leading to potential damage caused by metal parts scraping against each other and causing small shards to travel through your oil lines. If left alone, these impurities and contaminants will begin to accumulate throughout your engine where they can affect your engine performance and cause corrosion and the need to replace parts.

I Understand. How Does the Oil Filter Do Its Job?

With this in your mind, let’s look to your oil filter itself. The best, and most basic, way to consider your oil filter is to think about a soda can. At the top of the soda can is a hole where oil enters. At the bottom is another hole where oil leaves. In the middle is a purpose designed fibrous sponge. As you drive, oil is pushed into the top at high pressure before it makes its way out the bottom. However, before it gets there, it first has to go through the sponge. During its journey, the sponge will pick up and hold on to any contaminants which could damage your engine. Once clean oil comes out of the bottom of the soda can, it sits in a pan where it made available for recirculation. Again, basic, but accurate.

I Think I Have an Idea What Comes Next

As you can likely put together, just like any filter, the one in your oil filter is going to become so full that it can no longer keep your oil clean. When this happens, a small valve is triggered and, instead of cleaning your oil, it simply allows for a bypass and your dirty oil makes its way back to your engine. This is the very reason why your mechanic changes your oil filter each time that you take your vehicle in for a service.

Replacing Your Oil Filter Is the Perfect Time to Give Your Engine a Synthetic Oil Change in Lynnwood, WA

When it comes to changing your oil filter, don't think that it is a job which you need your mechanic to handle. Replacing your oil filter along with giving your car a synthetic oil change are maintenance items which all motorists can perform at home. To make sure you are using the right products for the job, speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 or check out the online store to browse the range of high-quality AMSOIL products.

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