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How a Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline Can Help Keep Your Vessel in Good Shape MAY

In our previous posts, we gave you some information about how to keep the running costs of your car down and the performance of your motorbike up with a full synthetic oil change in Shoreline. This post is geared towards owners and operators of watercraft, whether it be a speed boat, fishing boat, or even a jet-ski.

Increase the Performance of Your Vessel With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline

With extensive experience in providing owners and operators just like yourself the right products and advice for their engine, AMSOIL Dealer - Progressive Products has prepared some basic information on how the engine in your vessel runs, what type of damage it can be sustaining, and how a synthetic oil change in Shoreline can help its performance.

What Sets a Marine Engine Apart From Your Car or Motorbike?

Besides running on water as opposed to land, there is a primary difference between the operation of your vessel's engine and that of your car - gear selection. As you drive your car through the city, and even on the freeway, you encounter situations where you need a little more torque to get yourself out of a tricky spot. This torque and power are provided by your transmission and a selection of gears. When it comes to driving a boat or riding a jet-ski, the only option is to push a power lever or turn a handle. For anybody who has operated a marine vessel, it's no surprise that this action works - you press the lever or turn the handle and your vessel moves. However, as it starts to build up speed, it runs at high RPM and without the ability to shift into any form of overdrive. Just like any engine, consistently running at a high RPM puts extreme amounts of stress on the internal components and can lead to an increase in engine wear and engine damage. It's true that the nature of the engines inside that of a boat or a jet-ski were designed with this operation in mind, limited in their ability to include a transmission due to their size. However, they weren't designed to run without the benefit of complementary products, namely engine lubricant. When it comes to choosing the lubricant for any water vessel, there are two primary choices: conventional or high-quality synthetic oil. Often the only visible difference you will see is the price, however, what's inside the bottle is a different story Conventional oil is the type of oil that your parents and their parents before them used in their cars. During its day, it provided an adequate level of lubrication for basic engines. However, as the complexity and performance requirements on engine's increased, it was no longer able to provide sufficient protection. To fulfill the demands of a modern engine, a new type of engine lubricant was created known as synthetic oil. Designed and created with high-quality additives, synthetic oil provides marine based engines with the level of protection they need to operate under instances of continuous high RPM operation. Knowing the difference in each type of engine, AMSOIL has created a range of high-quality synthetic oil products which provide unparalleled protection to each vehicle. Speak with AMSOIL Dealer - Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 and let an expert choose the right product for your engine so you can benefit from the best synthetic oil change in Shoreline.

The Challenge of Increasing Temperatures

While high RPM is one challenge faced by your marine engine, it isn't its sole problem. As the summer temperatures rise, so too do your boating adventures, leaving these engines to provide the same level of performance you expect while operating under extreme temperatures. As the sun gets hotter, so too does your engine, which in turn causes your engine lubrication to heat up even more than usual. If the quality of your engine lubricant is too low, then it can break down under these temperatures. When lubricant breakdown occurs, small particles and impurities within the oil leave the primary fluid and begin to stick to the parts within your engine. As this progresses and this build-up accumulates it starts to affect the performance of your engine and cause a significant increase in engine wear and damage.

Protect Your Engine With the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline

Similar to our points above, high-quality synthetic oil includes additives which enable it to prevent breakdown under extreme temperatures and allow it to maintain its viscosity, and in turn, it's protection of your engine and its components. To provide your marine engine with the product it needs to perform at its best, no matter the operating circumstance, speak with an expert AMSOIL Dealer - Progressive Products by calling (425) 483-2582. With a broad range of high-quality AMSOIL products, AMSOIL Dealer - Progressive Products will make sure you get the right product for your engine and your next synthetic oil change in Shoreline.

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