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While gas prices continue to rise, many everyday motorists just like yourself believe that there isn’t much they can do to lessen the pain on their wallet as they visit the gas pump. However, we here at Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products have been providing our customers with the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Mountlake Terrace for so long that we have come to know that this just isn't.

Drive Your Way to Lower Gas Usage

When it comes to lowering your gas usage, how you drive  your car each day has a great impact on how much gas you use. While it’s true that your car is always going to use gas no matter how you drive, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products has a few pointers to share with you about how small changes in your driving style can reduce the gas you use, along with the added benefit of increasing the lifespan of your car’s engine and helping to reduce engine wear and damage.

If Your Gas Pedal Filled With Lead?

Have you ever noticed that the traffic lights along your daily journey always seem to turn red just before you reach them? With this common perception, many drivers press their gas pedal to the floor as soon as the light goes green in the hopes they will 'beat the system', and make the next light before it turns red. While this may work, providing that you never speed, it isn't doing your gas tank any favors and likely isn't helping you reach the green light. It takes a noticeable higher amount of gas to move your car from a full stop at full acceleration than it does at a more comfortable level of acceleration. Considering that this occurs numerous times throughout your daily errands, this gas all adds up, leaving you to spend more at the pump right before getting stuck at the next red light.

Keep Your Mind and Your Car in the Right Gear

Linked to the tip above, many drivers have a tendency for 'maxing out' their gears before shifting to the next. While this may help your car move a little faster, the harder your engine needs to work, the more gas it's going to use. Instead, listen to your car and change gears when you feel it is ready. While your acceleration speed may see a decrease, so too will your gas usage. In the above two instances, your engine's components are being forced into action quickly and under high levels of pressure. This can put a strain on low-quality engine oils leaving your engine to work harder just to get you where you're going. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 and ask about how a synthetic oil change in Mountlake Terrace using a high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil can decrease your gas usage by helping your engine parts operate smoothly.

Switch Your Car Off

Yes, you read that right. While we don't mean you should switch your car off while you're driving, idling while you are stuck in traffic in using the gas in your tank without you actually going anywhere. The next time you expect to be stuck in traffic for an extended period simply switch your car off. The same tip applies if you are waiting for your children to come out of school. Instead of waiting outside the school for them to come out with your car idling, switch it off until they are all in and buckled up ready to drive.

Giving Your Car a Warm Up

One of the most common believed myths when it comes to driving is that your car needs to be warmed up. While this may have been true for classic older model cars, today's' cars simply don't need it. Instead of switching your car on and then organizing your family and friends to get in, simply wait until everybody is in the car and ready to drive before starting your engine. It's small instances such as this that can all add up.

Finding the Best Products for a Synthetic Oil Change in Mountlake Terrace

These are just some of the great tips which we have learned from our time providing customers with high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil. If you would like to learn more about how you can use less fuel with a simple synthetic oil change in Mountlake Terrace, speak with an expert. Available on (425) 483-2582, Amsoil Dealer - Progressive Products has the experience you are looking for to provide you with the right product to get the most out of your engine while simultaneously helping to reduce your gas usage.

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