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While many people leave their off-road adventures for bright and sunny weather, the true benefit of owning a 4x4 means that any weather is ripe for heading off-road. In fact, it is often the case where less than perfect weather leads to a more exciting adventure. The key, however, is to plan and make sure your vehicle and you are ready.

Progressive Products has years of experience providing drivers with high-quality products to enable them to get the most benefits from a synthetic oil change. With this knowledge, below is a list to help you prepare for an off-road adventure.

Learn About Your Vehicle

One of the most common mistakes made by adventure seekers is heading out into the forest or a driving track without fully understanding how to drive and handle their 4x4. Take a few minutes to read through your owner's manual to learn about how your vehicle works, in particular, the differential and transfer case, along with your low-range gears. Your owner's manual is also the perfect place to find any relevant driving advice or cautions related to your particular vehicle. If you don't have your manual, a number of manufacturers will have an electronic copy available

Plan Your Route

Most adventurers disregard planning and feel that an unknown adventure is the only adventure. While heading out for an off-road drive into the unknown can have its rewards, it's also a good way to get stuck or lost. When you are considering going off-road, take the time to study the area you will be driving. In particular, pay close attention to off-road track maps which indicate obstacles and rough terrain. While it may be suitable for your vehicle to get through the obstacles, knowing what you may need and what is up ahead can minimize breakdowns or you getting stuck.


Once you know where you will be going and what type of terrain you expect to encounter, your next step is to adjust your suspension. Your owner's manual will have a guide to help you choose which height to adjust to, however, also use your experience the advice of professionals around you. To make sure that your engine receives the best protection during your drive, speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 about how a synthetic oil change before your drive can help protect your engine and increase its performance.

Lighten Your Load

One of the easiest things to do when packing your 4x4 is to load it up too much. While it's important that you take everything that you think you will need, be certain that you will need the items you are taking. Once you have everything planned to pack, take a couple of minutes to re-think everything before you pack it into your vehicle. The lighter the load, the more maneuverable your 4x4 is going to be.

Stay Safe

When you are considering which items to pack and which to leave behind, be sure that you have sufficient emergency equipment. Along with the standard first-aid kit, be sure that you have a pair of battery powered hand-held radios, a satellite phone (if you intend on doing some seriously isolated traveling), LED lamps, and anything else you can think of to help if you get stuck. Don't forget to also pack a good amount of spare batteries.

Check Your Engine Fluids

Checking your fluid levels before a trip is advisable, no matter which vehicle you drive. However, with a 4x4, it's even more important as your engine is going to be put through a lot of stress and gear changes to get you through some tough tracks. Pay attention to the following fluids:
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Oil
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid (if you're lucky enough to have it)
  • Windshield liquid
Of course, it goes without saying, if any of your levels are low, tend to them before your trip and take the remainder of your fluids with you in the event you (or a fellow off-roader) gets stuck.

Consider a Synthetic Oil Change in Mountlake Terrace Before You Leave

As with all long-haul or adventurous journeys, it's best to do everything that you can to protect your engine along the way. To increase the performance of your 4x4 and reduce engine wear during your next adventure, speak with Progressive Products before you leave and ask about the benefits of a synthetic oil change. Call today at (425) 483-2582 and speak with a synthetic oil change expert about which high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil and engine fluids are best suited to your 4x4.

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