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We have previously talked about some of the top causes for car breakdown in another post. However, we feel that there is another very important and highly recurring cause for car breakdowns that merits a post of its own. The most common cause for more permanent car problems is engine failure. That is why here at Progressive Products in Edmonds, WA we are going to further discuss this relevant issue.

Your Engine Deserves the Best Oil

The engine is the foundation of the life of your car. This is why it is crucial that you care for and always keep the needs of your engine covered. The most important need your engine has, is that of always having great quality oil, in stock. The amount and quality of the engine's oil as well as the correct frequency of the oil changes, will determine the engine´s performance and durability.

3 Most Common Causes for Engine Failures

  1. Ignoring oil changes- This is the most common reason for serious engine problems. It is extremely important to have the engine oil changed and to always use synthetic oil for the best rendition and protection for your engine. Failing to change the oil of your vehicle during the recommended periods of time, will haunt you and condemn your engine to a miserable end.
  2. Overlooking the engine oil light- This is another important problem that if ignored will turn into a nightmare. If your oil is changed and in good condition and the engine oil light is on, it is very likely that you will need to replace the catalytic converter or some other problem has been detected. Make sure you have a mechanic diagnose the problem and take care of it soon.
  3. Dismissing oil leaks- Ignoring oil leaks is like playing with fire, your wallet and your engine will end up suffering. Oil leaks can sometimes be signs of deterioration in some of the parts of the engine such as the seals. These kind of problems may not be expensive or difficult to deal with if caught on time. However, if they are ignored then the rest of the engine and different parts will be compromised, causing failures in other places and elongating the list of needed repairs and costs.

For the Best Synthetic Oil in Edmonds, WA

Care for your engine with the best synthetic oil in Edmonds, WA If you care for your engine correctly, your vehicle will not cause you many problems and will last a long time. Treat your engine good, use only AMSOIL synthetic oil, the leading synthetic oil in the world. To purchase AMSOIL oil in Edmonds, WA call us today at (425) 483-2582. You can also visit our online shop to place an order.

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