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Would you know if your brakes are about to fail and how to fix them? How about knowing they are soon to wear out? Knowing when your brakes need attention is important, and this article can help. When you see steam coming from the hood of your car then you know your engine is overheating. When you can smell burning oil then you know you may have an oil leak. But what about your brakes? Are you able to identify when your brakes need your attention or are potentially in a dangerous way?

How to Know If Your Brakes Need Some Attention

While you can’ be expected to know everything about your vehicle, there are a number of common signs which you can look out for that indicate your brakes might need a bit of attention. To help you out in this regard, Progressive Products has some information to share.

The Obvious Sign

Of course, the easiest way to tell if your brakes are starting to see the end of their use is measuring how long it takes you to come to a complete stop. You don’t need a stopwatch each time you put your foot on the brake pedal to know. Trust your instincts when driving, as you know how your car should handle. If you sense that it’s taking you longer to brake then you are likely right, and it’s time to get your brake pads seen to.

What Happened to Right?

There was once a time when you could simply put pressure on the brake pedal and expect to come to a complete stop in a straight line. Then there is today. Hold on! What do you mean there was once a time? If your car pulls you to the left or the right as you apply the brakes then it is time to see a mechanic. While it could simply be a loose caliper or a faulty brake pad, it could be the sign of something worse and much more dangerous. Along with your brake pads, your car's brake fluid plays a large role in how well your brakes perform. Click here to buy AMSOIL DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid to provide your brakes with maximum traction control. AMSOIL products such as this are designed to the highest standard to ensure maximum performance. To learn more, speak with a synthetic oil change expert at Progressive Products today by calling (425) 483-2582.

Squeak! Grind! Scrape!

No, this isn’t the introduction to a rap song. Although, with the songs coming out today, it sure could be! Instead, these are sounds which you should not hear come from your car’s brakes. The most likely reason that you are hearing these sounds is that your brake pads are calling out for your attention. Brakes have a small pin which sits inside the pad material. As you brake, your wheels burn off small amounts of the material. As this burns off more and more, your brake pads become lower until this pin is exposed. Once it is exposed, it begins to scrape and grind against the wheel of your car as you brake, letting out as much noise as possible to alert you that it’s almost time to new brake pads.

What's That Clicking Sound?

Do you remember when you used to put baseball cards in the spokes of your bike tires to make the noise as you rode? And remember that clicking noise it made as you got slower and slower? Well, if you can hear this coming from your car as you brake, it isn’t good news. If one or many of your brake pads have become loose in their support and are moving back and forward as you brake, clicking metal against metal in the process. If you can hear a clicking noise coming from your wheels, give your brake pads and their fitting a check first.

Give Your Car's Engine the Best With a Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline

When it comes to knowing when your vehicle needs maintenance, it’s more than the engine that you need to be aware of. The brakes are an important part of your vehicle and are your first defense against a dangerous situation, so be sure they get the attention they deserve and only use high-quality brake fluid. To learn more about the range of engine fluids available to increase the performance of your engine, speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582. Alternatively, check out the online store for additional information about the range of products available.

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