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Not all greases can be used on all engine types. This article includes information on how to choose the right grease for your vehicle based on its engine type and operating conditions.

How to Choose the Right Engine Grease for Your Vehicle

While most motorists know that they can't use the same motor oil in their truck as they do their car. Similarly, it's definitely not a good idea to swap your boat's motor oil with your dirtbike's. However, most motorists are unaware that different types of grease lubricant different types of engines. If you are looking for more information on how to choose a grease lubricant for your vehicle or ideas on specific products which can help solve your needs, Progressive Products has a post which can help.

Racing Vehicles

If it has an engine, it's likely that it has been turned into a racing vehicle. Whether it's your car, bike, boat, or even your snowmobile, if you can start it up - chances are there's a racing version of it that demands more from the engine than its stree-based counterpart One of the biggest challenges that a racing engine faces when it comes to grease is friction at high speed. Any racer knows that the greater the friction that runs through the vehicle, the lower the performance. Unfortunately, with a low-quality grease, friction can he hard to avoid on the track. If you own a racing vehicle, look for an engine grease which includes additives that have been designed to provide high levels of wear protection at high-speed, along with superior friction reduction agents to keep your ride smooth and powerful as possible. After all, a slow ride means a lost race. If you are buying for a racing engine, check out AMSOIL's DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Grease, which has been designed to protect high-performance bearings. If you aren't sure which is the right grease for your racing engine, give Progressive Products a call at (425) 483-2582 and speak with an expert who can help. Alternatively, the online store has further information about all of the products available, including their designed use type.

Off-Road Vehicles

If you think about the kind of conditions any heavy duty off-road vehicle faces, the extreme temperatures that you force it to operate under, and the kind of abuse that you throw at it through all kinds of terrain, it's easy to see that the better your grease, the better your vehicle operation is going to be. The main point of concern is when heavy loads force high amounts of pressure onto joints and pivots which rely on grease lubricant to effectively take the strain. If the grease that's lubricating these joints is low-quality or has worn out, it's just metal compacting against metal at high pressures, causing serious wear. To make sure you're using a grease that can withstand the pressure, look for a grease that is designed to resist pound out under extreme pressures and heavy loads. By keeping critical pressure points greased with a high-quality lubricant, the interacting parts can do so smoothly and without damage.

Trucks and Fleets

Trucks and vehicles come with their own maintenance requirements but some can use a similar grease. One of the main challenges faced by truck and fleet owners is keeping their vehicles on the road and working; even small mechanical maintenance can mean serious cash for a courier business. To get the most out of service intervals, look for a grease which is designed to provide superior adhesion and long-term lubrication under heavy and extended use. This is likely to come in the form of oil additives but can also be achieved through synthetic polymeric technology.

Whether It's Grease or a Full Synthetic Oil Change - Choose Quality

How well a vehicle performs and how long it lasts is important to all truck and heavy machinery owners because vehicle downtime directly affects their ability to make an income. For this reason, when choosing your grease and engine lubricant, stick with a quality brand, and only use products that are purpose designed for use in your specific vehicle type, such as some of the examples mentioned in this article. If you are ever unsure; just ask. Speak with Progressive Products at (425) 483-2582 to find out which grease or motor oil is best suited to your engine. If you prefer, the online store has more information about off the products available, such as AMSOIL's  Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease, NLGI #1, designed purposefully to provide long-term wear protection and extend part replacement.

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