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Routine dirt bike maintenance can prevent catastrophic mechanical failure, accidents or injuries, and costly repairs. Progressive Products’ in Lynnwood opinion is that an ounce of prevention consists of these eight easy maintenance tips that’ll keep your dirt bike running strong all summer:

1. Wash your bike after every ride

Be gentle! Simply using a bucket of water and a selection of brushes to knock off mud is best. You can use a pressure washer, but be careful to deflect the water away from the bike, so you don’t force water and dirt into areas where it can damage the engine or electrical components. Consider using an air box cover to seal off the carburetor from water and debris, and plug the exhaust.

2. Dry it before you inspect it

Make sure your bike is clean and dry before you inspect it for maintenance issues. You can use a leaf blower to speed up the drying process. It needs to be clean of grease and dirt so you can see any problem areas.

3. Inspect and clean your chain

If your dirt bike’s drive chain is particularly muddy, allow the mud to dry, so it can be more easily removed with a brush. Once the chain is clean, lubricate it with a high-quality chain lube from a trusted brand.

4. Inspect and tighten bolts

Check your hardware to make sure bolts haven’t loosened under extreme vibration… all of them.

5. Check out your controls and control cables

Inspect your throttle and clutch cables and replace them if they are frayed or kinked. Also, test your throttle for responsive operation, making sure it snaps back quickly when twisted.

6. Change your oil

If you spend most of your time in the dirt or mud—or if your dirt bike sees extreme duty—you need to change your motor oil often. Some say change your oil after every ride; others say change the oil every eight to 10 operating hours. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations, but remember—the more often you change your oil, the longer your engine will likely live. For the best performance, we recommend one of many AMSOIL synthetic products.

7. Check your fluids

You should replace your brake fluid periodically, because it is inherently conducive to absorbing moisture. Also, check your coolant level and top off as needed. Plan to flush and change your cooling system once per year.

8. Grease it up

Grease seals out water and dirt and provides lubrication for important components. Inspect your air filter’s sealing area, swingarm and hardware, wheel bearings and seals, shock seals and forks, and steering head bearings. Use a good trusted lubricant where necessary. See what we recommend online, or call us today at (425) 483-2582.

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