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Just like all engine oils, not all mechanical greases were created equal. In fact, with the varying requirements of each different engine type, a range of greases exist to provide targeted performance. This article will provide information on different types of grease and which is the best suited...
Not all greases can be used on all engine types. This article includes information on how to choose the right grease for your vehicle based on its engine type and operating conditions.

How to Choose the Right Engine Grease for Your Vehicle

While most motorists know that they can't use the...
Depending on the area you live and your boating preferences, this time of the year isn’t always considered to be the most boating friendly. With the past experiences spending the day on the water while the sun shone down now firmly emblazoned in our memories, heading out in any other...
When it comes to cars, there is no better thrill than watching them race. Heading to the stadium with your friends to watch your favorite driver compete and set new lap records is an exhilarating feeling. However, have you ever wondered what it takes to keep a racing car in good shape?


When it comes to buying a new car, the process is relatively seamless. You can trust the mechanics of the car and will receive an extensive warranty and a point of contact in the event that something goes wrong. For used cars, however, it isn't always that simple.

If you're about to start...
From an array of airbags, to lane assistance steering, right through auto-engaging brakes, modern cars are definitely packed with safety features. Almost to the point where they will soon be driving themselves. The same can’t be said about boats. To keep yourself and your passengers safe on a...
The smooth running of your automatic engine depends on having the right amount of transmission fluid. Your transmission is made up of a lot of metal parts which can overheat from friction very easily. If the parts overheat, then your transmission could be damaged very easily, leading to thousands...
While many people leave their off-road adventures for bright and sunny weather, the true benefit of owning a 4x4 means that any weather is ripe for heading off-road. In fact, it is often the case where less than perfect weather leads to a more exciting adventure. The key, however, is to plan and...
There is no denying that regular visits to your mechanic are one of the best ways to keep your vehicle in good working order. However, have you ever looked at the list of services they provided and parts which were replaced and wondered what is all means?

How Does an Oil Filter Work?

If you are...
If we were to compile a list of car myths and misconceptions, the number one item would be 'car maintenance is better left to the professionals'. While there are going to be instances where it is best to seek out the services of your preferred mechanic, when it comes to performing...

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