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Providing the Best Synthetic Oil Products in Shoreline, Washington

Progressive Products provides Shoreline, WA with the best in synthetic oil products. But why the emphasis, and what's the difference? While both may seem similar, there are differences, important differences. So how do you decide?

Synthetic or Conventional Oil for Your Car?

You have certainly heard about synthetic oil before, but you probably do not know what differentiates it from conventional oil. We'll give you a primer on how synthetic oil works and why we think it is a better option for your automobile.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil - Manmade Molecules

While conventional oil gets pulled from the ground and refined, synthetic oil is made in a lab. Using the latest in petroleum science, synthetic molecules are made to emulate and improve their natural counterparts. Scientists build synthetic molecular structures that are cleaner, more uniform, lighter, and smaller than those found in nature.


Synthetic oil contains no crude, meaning that there are not as many contaminants as found in natural oil pulled from the ground. Even after refining, conventional oil still deposits particles that corrode your engine and diminish performance. No crude meanssynthetic oil can last longer between oil changes, sometimes as long as 25,000 miles.

More Efficient

Because synthetic molecules are more uniform in size, they slide against each other and your engine parts more efficiently. The purpose of oil is to lubricate and protect your engine. Synthetic oil requires less energy to do its job because its molecules are also lighter and smaller than in conventional oil.

Maintains Viscosity

Synthetic oil is also more resistant to temperature, maintaining its viscosity in extreme heat or cold. Where conventional oils break down, synthetic oils keep lubricating. This reason is why synthetic oil is the choice for high performance, heavy load purposes. They better handle the higher heat of diesel engines as well.
At Progressive Products in Shoreline, WA, we can tell you all about synthetic oil and how it protects better, improves performance, and gives you peace of mind. 

We're lucky that we have the choice between synthetic oil and conventional oil, this hasn't always been the case? How old is synthetic oil? 
Synthetic oil for vehicles is not something that has hundreds of years in the market. In fact, it is relatively new, but has come a long way since its origins.  Today at Progressive Products we would like to give you some interesting bits of information regarding the history of synthetic oils.

5 Fast Facts About the Origins of Synthetic Oil

  • The idea for synthetic oils used in cars and other vehicles today came from the jet oil that jet engines used. Nowadays, synthetic oil is used for everything from lawn mowers and dirt bikes, to cars and ATMS. 
  • Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio was one of the first persons to conduct genuine research, regarding the superior benefits that the jet oil contained and how they could be applied to lubrication for motors.
  • In the 1960s due to the research that Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio conducted, he was able to produce the first synthetic oils. These came to exist and were sold by him, under different names and presentations.
  • The first motor oil that met the American Petroleum Institute qualifications was Amsoil synthetic motor oil.
  • Amsoil, back then under different names, was the first company to develop the first motor oil that was 100% synthetic.

Synthetic Oil in Shoreline, WA

When it comes to synthetic oil, the first and very best will always be Amsoil. The coverage and resilience that synthetic oil provides for your engine is unbeatable. Use the most efficient synthetic oil in Shoreline and the world. Buy Amsoil oil in Shoreline now, call (425) 483-2582 and experience the benefits today.
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